Welcome to the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival’s START GATE, for all students and adults attending the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival.

You are at the correct website to individually register online to attend the festival.

Before you begin your required individual online registration, there are several important festival topics listed below all students and adults should know about.  All of these topics have a web link to open so the information can be viewed, or even printed for future reference.  Anyone can return to this START GATE page anytime to view these festival topics again.

One of the most important festival topics to learn about is what 3 recreation activities are available for any person to choose from.  When you register online, you will be asked to select ONE of these.  So we want you to know all about this topic before you start your registration!

The Winter Park Ski-Music Festival includes ONE recreation activity for every registered student or adult.  These activities, or recreation choices are:

1. Downhill skiing at the Winter Park Resort

2. Downhill snowboarding at the Winter Park Resort

3. Non-ski mountain activities at the Winter Park Resort

Every registered festival attendee will choose (when they register), and receive all the components (ticketing, equipment and/or lessons) for 1 of the 3 activities being offered. Some music directors or trip organizers may prohibit a particular activity for their group members to choose.  There are no combination of choices, special substitutions, or switching between choices once you have selected, unless of course, a person wants to arrange and pay for all components of another recreation activity.  If a student or adult chooses a particular activity, begins that activity, and decides or cannot continue with it for any  reason, they can choose to not recreate, or at their expense, recreate another way for the remainder of their trip.  Since this is such an important, and financially sensitive decision to be made, we want every adult and student (and student’s parent) to know all the details about each of these activities.

Click Here to view (or print) all the details about each Recreation Choice a person can choose.  This should be a mandatory read for all persons!

The next important festival topic we want everyone to learn about is what Clothing and Accessories to consider bringing to Winter Park.

Click Here to view (or print) the festival’s suggested clothing and accessories for recreating at Winter Park.  Or, open this PDF for a summary visual of what clothing and accessories to bring with you.

The next important festival topic concerns altitude sickness.

Click Here to view (or print) the festival’s definition, detecting and avoiding Altitude Sickness while in Winter Park.

If you will be skiing or snowboarding in Winter Park,

Click Here to view (or print) several important rules and tips


Other festival topics you may want to review:

Information about the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival Awards Ceremony and Street Dance

Festival Shirts and Patches

Maps for the director, but also shared with students and adults to assist with directions?

Information about each festival participant’s  Travel Protection Plan

Information for the director, but also shared with interested students and adults, regarding topics such as lift cards, ski lift hours,meeting times, equipment rentals, what to expect with ski and snowboard lessons, arriving at resort for lessons, entering lessons, after lessons, locker rentals, and large locker rentals for overnight storage   

Winter Park Resort’s Winter Safety page

Winter Park Resort’s page that shares some guidance and pictures for beginners, and what your first day may look like with trails, lifts and more

If you are a student percussionist with any type of  instrumental ensemble, take a look at what percussion equipment we provide, and what we don’t provide.  Click HERE to view.  This is a back up if  your director has not informed you of these details.

If you have reviewed and understand all of the above important festival topics above, and now ready to begin your online registration, Click Here