Your Chartered Motor Coaches in Winter Weather

Please visit with your bus company regarding the following three topics when contracting for motor coaches, or anytime before your trip to Winter Park.

  1. Experience of bus drivers on mountain roadways within winter climates
  2. Who gets to change a group’s trip itinerary
  3. Snow Chains or other approved devices for each bus

The biggest weather problem with groups traveling to/from Winter Park, is when the whole state gets a big winter storm.  It seems that that the long stretches of interstate in the flat lands don’t have the same amount of equipment or resources to keep the roadways immediately plowed in heavy snow fall.  Warmer temperatures in the flat lands may create ice on the roads rather than snow.  If there are any significant travel delays- they will most likely occur in the flat lands of Colorado based on our experience.

Before we touch on the three topics- just a quick summary of how weather affects roadways when traveling to/from Winter Park and within the Winter Park area.  First, there is a big difference between normal snowfall, and a snow storm.  During any spring months throughout Colorado, and especially in the mountains west of Interstate 25, snow can be expected any day, and especially every night!  It may only be 1-12 inches, or could be much heavier with up to 3-4 feet per day.  Our experience with challenging weather for groups traveling to/from Winter Park seems to be worst for snowy conditions that affect the whole state versus snow fall west of Denver, or in Winter Park.  The Colorado Department of Transportation and local municipalities seem to always be prepared for snowy inclement weather in the mountains west of Denver.  They obviously have the all the sand/chemical/snow plow trucks needed to keep this mountainous region of the state drivable for its citizens.  Having said this- Interstate 70 west of Denver and the higher mountain passes can sometimes enforce chain laws, or be temporarily closed due to excessive amounts of snow.

Back to our three topics:

The first topic goes without mention towards the travel safety of your group with experienced mountain drivers within winter climates.  DEMAND your bus company provide drivers with this experience!!!

  • With mountain/winter experienced drivers- hopefully they will be knowledgeable of what highway routes to take within various weather conditions or the benefits of traveling on better maintained major interstates rather taking less traveled routes when snow is expected along your travel route.
  • With experienced mountain/winter drivers, they understand that snowfall in the mountains is a common occurrence, and can be driven safely within, without an overwhelming fear.
  • Drivers with mountain/winter experience may be more likely to approach any driving conditions with a stable attitude, and not just park the bus as a solution.
  • Drivers must have adequate winter attire, knowledge, and enough physical strength to install any snow chains or other approved devices when needed.  This is further discussed below.

Drivers who change a group’s itinerary due to their inexperience of mountain/winter driving

  • Unfortunately, we have attending groups that come to Winter Park, and get their trip cut short, or completely altered, because of inexperienced drivers, or drivers that use snow on roadways as an excuse to depart early.  How?  It seems that drivers can always get a group to Winter Park according to the trip itinerary, even if there is some delay due to heavy snow storms.  But any chance of snow on the day or night a group expects to depart; some drivers will begin to intervene with the travel itinerary!  A common occurrence is when a group expects to depart Winter Park after the awards ceremony.  We suppose some drivers feel that the awards ceremony is an intangible component of the trip that isn’t really necessary to attend, and begins to either make decisions on their own, or contact their dispatch about getting home early because it is snowing, or could snow that evening.  Directors- there is snowfall almost every day and night in Winter Park, and unless it is extremely heavy snow fall, or a bad storm, the roads will be maintained for safe travel!  If the roads are too dangerous for travel, the highway department will give warnings and/or close them.  Have a conversation with your bus company before, or after executing your contract, about what reasons would constitute your trip to be cut short.  Remember, the festival has purchased a travel protection plan for every group member, that should well cover any additional cost of being delayed.  We want every group and student to not miss that last day of skiing, or our awards ceremony, because a driver is suddenly worried about getting home due to a chance of some snowfall.
  • You might sense that this is a sensitive subject for the festival staff.  Directors share with us how their students love and think the awards ceremony was the best part of the trip, how it creates group pride and enthusiasm, and their students’ enjoyment of being surrounded by so many other enthusiastic student musicians.  It is so frustrating when a group has to leave early because a driver decides its time to leave, or because there is a chance of snow.  And of course, 50+ other buses leave that same evening without any travel problems whatsoever. Talk with your bus company about who makes the decision to alter your trip itinerary, and for what reasons.  Again, experienced drivers should only be provided to you!  

3rd topic:  Snow Chains are required for every commercial vehicle (including motor coaches) traveling on Interstate Highway 70 west of Denver, to be equipped,or ready to be equipped with snow chains or approved traction devices, from September 1 to May 31. 

  • Demand that your bus(es) have snow chains or snow cables on-board the bus before you depart your hometown, and available during your trip.   There could be a chain law enforced anytime during your trip route.  Why jeopardize your entire planned trip, to be required to turn around somewhere short of Winter Park,and return home, simply because your bus company failed to not have snow chains (the proper number of sets) onboard, or the wrong size of chains that don’t fit the bus’ tire size, or a driver that can’t install them.
  • Having/using snow chains is not so much as being able to drive in unsafe conditions- but rather to be safe when driving, or even with a stuck parked bus. Anytime there is any significant amount of snowfall in the Winter Park area- almost all roads, driveways, parking lots get plowed for travel.  But the pavement surrounding a parked bus may not be plowed because of its parked location, or other vehicles/curbs/objects surrounding it.  The #1 reason for our groups’ travel delays in Winter Park is a stuck bus after being parked overnight.  Without chains- the bus driver has to arrange with their dispatch or central office to get a local tow which can take up to several hours to eventually get the bus unstuck.  Of course- this will happen at the most inconvenient times such as prior to your scheduled performance time or ski lessons. Rescheduling these events, may cause a ½ day or even an entire day of missed recreation.  With a set of tire chains available and quickly installed- valuable time can be saved in just minutes.


Local Winter Park Ski Shuttle Service

  • The Winter Park shuttle buses operate as a free and convenient way to get you around town, and to and from the slopes during your leisure time.  This is not a fast means of transportation, and not always right on schedule!  They follow an established route running once an hour on weekdays, and twice an  hour on weekends, and is available for all visitors of the town and ski resort.  The routes are color coded (see maps) and are relatively easy to understand the operation once ridden. The bus capacity is usually 44 persons per bus.  If your group uses the shuttle buses for primary transportation- remember to start early!
  • You will find the shuttle bus convenient for moving individuals or small groups to and from the resort or town for souvenir shopping, restaurants, etc. when promptness is not an important issue.  At the resort’s shuttle bus pick-up/drop off area- there are signs designating the shuttle route and the lodging facilities the route serves.  Wait for your bus under the appropriate sign.  If your place of lodging is not listed- simply ask any bus driver which bus route to use.  BE SURE YOUR STUDENTS KNOW THE EXACT NAME OF YOUR LODGING FACILITY.  THE SHUTTLE BUSES DO NOT SERVE SNOW MOUNTAIN RANCH LODGES AND CABINS. 
  • Your own buses should be used whenever possible if your group has to be at a given destination at a specific time (such as ski rentals, ski returns, ski lessons, performances and/or award ceremony/street party).
  • Here is the same map link we provide on the Ski Locker “maps” page:

On this map, let us shortcut you with the following information:

  • Every shuttle route color, except the green route, runs between the Winter Park Resort shuttle bus pickup/drop off area, and the Town of Winter Park.  Each shuttle route may have different final destinations, but will stop at a shuttle stop somewhere in the Town of Winter Park and the resort.  This would be applicable for any person or group of persons wanting a shuttle ride between the Winter Park Resort and the Town of Winter Park.  Again, any color route except the green route.
  • Any person or group  of persons wanting a shuttle ride between the Winter Park Resort and the Safeway grocery store in Fraser, should use the either the black or purple line as the map indicates to stop at  (black route) or near (purple route) the grocery store.
  • Groups staying at Beaver Village Condos, should try to use the yellow route. The yellow route will actually service the main building and the 3 cul-de-sacs at Beaver Village Condos.  There is a specific shuttle stop location at the main building and within every cul-de-sac.  Persons need to wait immediately by the shuttle stop prior to its arrival, for a driver may not stop or pull into the cul-de-sac if it appears there is no one awaiting to be picked up.  2 important topics for groups staying at Beavers, and planning to use the ski shuttle service:
    • 1. Each shuttle bus has a maximum occupancy.  There may be a chance a ski shuttle bus may not be able to accommodate your entire group.  There may be other passengers from Beavers and within town already on the bus prior to your loading.  Plan for one, two or three shuttle buses getting your entire group to and from the resort at the different shuttle times listed on the shuttle schedule.
    • 2. If using the yellow line seems to be congested with other passengers, any group staying at Beavers can use ANY ski shuttle bus route color (except the purple Fraser Express route), to load ski shuttles at the shuttle bus stop at the Beavers entrance on highway 40.  There will be multiple route buses stopping there any time persons are awaiting at the stop.  Likewise, if the yellow line is congested at the resort, and a quicker shuttle to Beavers is desired, persons can load any  color shuttle route (except purple Fraser Express), and ask to be dropped off at Beaver Village Condos.  These shuttles will drop off on across highway from Beaver’s entrance.  Using another color route will require persons to walk a longer distance, either uphill or downhill, between their condo and the highway shuttle stops.    When staying at Beavers, and relying on the ski shuttle buses for any reason, we suggest someone within the group downloading a Lift Rider app on a cell phone (Iphone or Android) for live shuttle bus locations, more accurate arrival stop times and more.
  • On the shuttle website, a person can scroll down and see a link for each route’s scheduled stop times.  The ski shuttle now has a regional route running between Winter Park and Granby (where the performance site is located) a few times each day.  In our festival information, we state a performing group without their own transportation, should hire private coaches between the performance site and their lodging.  Please do not rely, or plan for your group’s travel to and from the performance site on this one operating shuttle bus!  Contact us for hiring private coaches.

Hired Buses for travel to and from Performance Site

  • In 2019, the East Grand School District will again be providing transportation for groups needing to hire a bus(es) to and from the performance site.
  • Contact the festival office well before your trip, to initially schedule buses to transport your group, and figure the approximate cost.
  • Unlike other festival components, the festival is not including, or providing at an additional cost these hired buses.  Each group using this service will pay the East Grand School District directly, at the time of service.  The school district contact person is Mike Thompson through his work cell number:  970-531-3548 or email