Lodging Facility Name, Location, Address and Contact Information

A group’s assigned lodging facility, its address and contact information can be found within the Overnight Lodging section in the TRIP INFO report within WPSMF Online.  A map of all lodging facilities is within Ski Locker’s maps page.

Check-in and Check-out Times and Location

A lodging facility’s address, contact information, check-in location, earliest check-in time , latest check-out time, and date/time we have arranged for your groups check-in- can be found within the Overnight Lodging section in the TRIP INFO report within WPSMF Online. Please confirm that these times will work with your group’s trip itinerary.  IF NOT- PLEASE CONTACT THE FESTIVAL OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.  If you have already mentioned, or made special requests for early check-in times and late check-out times, be sure that these are mentioned within the NOTES section of your Overnight Lodging section of your Trip Info report.  IF NOT- PLEASE CONTACT THE FESTIVAL OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.

Lodging Notes

Please refer to any lodging notes located with the TRIP INFO menu within WPSMF Online. There may be important notes listed there regarding special instruction with your lodging.

Check-in Procedures

  • Some groups will have lodging facilities with: a check-in area at the actual lodging facility, a check-in area within a central building to the whole lodging complex, or a check-in area located at a different location and address entirely.  This information will be provided within your TRIP INFO report since any change to your arrival dates and times could possibly affect the check-in location.
  • Upon your arrival at this check-in location- please have one or two persons go to the designated check-in area to pay the Damage Deposit (see below section), provide your Lodging Damage Deposit and Statement of Responsibility Form (see below section) and pick-up unit/rooms keys or door codes for your group.  It is recommended that the remainder of the group stay in the bus/van and all unloading of baggage and equipment wait until the check-in procedure is completed!

Lodging Damage Deposit & Statement of Responsibility Form 

Lodging Damage Deposit & Statement of Responsibility Form used at check-in . This form must be printed and brought with you to Winter Park. 

  • Each lodging facility requires a Damage Deposit to be provided by the group at check-in.  The amount of this deposit is $500.00 for any group that exceeds 49 in number.  For groups less than 50 in attendance- the deposit amount is $10.00 per person.
  • The deposit must be made by credit card Plan to have a credit card with you during check-in. 
  • The Lodging Damage Deposit & Statement of Responsibility Form has a responsibility statement that requires a signature of the group director or trip organizer to be signed and submitted to the lodging provider at check in. Please do not mail this to the festival office.

Lodging Inspections

  • Upon your arrival- damage inspections should be performed by directors, adults and/or students.  Any damages should be reported immediately to the management.  This will protect your group from potentially being charged for pre–existing damages in your rooms/units.  The festival requests that all group directors ask their students to please be considerate toward the condition in which they leave their room/unit.  Lodging facilities not only praise the discipline of our festival attendees, but also the cleanliness and lack of damage caused by them historically.  If rooms/units are left extremely messy or dirty, the management company has the right to charge an additional cost for overtime maid service.  These charges would be deducted from your damage deposit or billed to your group directly by the lodging provider.
  • Groups staying at any Winter Park Resort lodging locations must complete a specific inspection checklist form, provided at check-in, and returned to the front desk within one hour after check-in.  See the Ski Locker topic Specific Information for each Lodging Facility for a sample of this form.

Additional Lodging Charges

  • While Winter Park Ski-Music Festival requests of each lodging facility to eliminate any opportunity for guests to incur charges for additionally charged amenities/services (such as phone charges, movies, room service and food/beverage purchases), each group is responsible for any additional charges that any of its members may incur.  Be sure to contact management if uncertain.
  • It is recommended that a representative of your group call your lodging facility prior to your trip to confirm information concerning keys, facilities, pool & recreation hours, telephone services and internet access availability.  It is also recommended that you provide the lodging contact numbers to parents, adults, chaperones, etc.

Rooming Assignments and Empty Bed Space Charges

  • The room assignments will be prepared based on the male student, female student, director(s), adult and any applicable bus driver counts provided.
  • Within the the Overnight Lodging section in the TRIP INFO report within WPSMF Online, a complete room assignment detail will be listed with all condos/rooms/cabins assigned.  The empty bed space charges will be shown for each unit.  You will have the opportunity to request any changes necessary prior to the Final Payment Due Date.
  • Obviously- a group’s attendance numbers are subject to change.  Therefore- the rooming assignments could subsequently change.  A change in one attendance count could change your group’s entire condo/room assignments.  We pledge to do our very best in accommodating the group with any such changes.  Be sure to read the below bullet, anytime you make an attendance change!
  • Please review your group’s final rooming assignments for accuracy.  Please check to make certain that every group member, festival participant and applicable bus driver(s) are assigned in a room/unit.  If any changes are necessary- please contact the festival office immediately.

How Empty Bed Space Charges are calculated

  • Groups staying at Beavers Village Condominiums, Winter Park Mountain Lodge, or Snow Mountain Ranch Lodge Rooms are allowed unused bed spaces in ONE room/unit with Male Students and ONE room/unit with Female Students without charge.
  • Groups staying in Snow Mountain Ranch Cabins have must pay for a minimum number of bed spaces for each cabin.
  • Groups staying at Winter Park Ski Resort condos, (Zephyr Mountain Lodge, Founders Point, Frasier Crossing and The Vintage) will pay for all empty bed spaces for both students and adults units.
  • Condominium units, lodge rooms and mountain cabins have various occupancies (or bed spaces) and various empty bed space prices.  These empty bed space charges can be viewed on your TRIP INFO report and BILLING INVOICE within  WPSMF Online.

Rooming List

  • The director, or another person assigned as an administrator within WPSMF Online, will create a rooming list under the ROOMING LIST tab that corresponds with the rooming assignments we have prepared.  This person completing the rooming list will simply select from the list of available names for each lodging unit space.  If the festival’s rooming assignments are incorrect, or need to be changed for your group, you must contact the festival office and get your room assignment corrected.  We will then reload the rooming list template for you to complete.

 Overnight Lodging Behavior

  • The festival staff assumes that each attending group has its own student conduct and consequence policies, and will not attempt to furnish a list of rules for student behavior.  However- we want our festival reputation to continue as hosting the best behaved student guests that lodging providers will receive- which allows us to utilize lodging facilities and home owner condos year after year.  Just a quick reminder of things to think about as a director or trip organizer when establishing hotel behavior policies.  The festival’s and the lodging provider’s primary concerns surround the possible disturbance toward other hotel guests.  Please think about how your students engage in the public hallways, unusually high noise level they may be creating for other guests in hallways and rooms, slamming of doors, playing instruments in the facility, singing loudly in rooms or hall, running in the building, causing unnecessary elevator congestion, in house prank calls, activating fire alarms and any other behavior causing a less than enjoyable visit for other guests.  We know that you and your other chaperones will do the very best you can to avoid any complaints toward your students.
  • Whenever a group wishes to have everyone meet at one location, and your group is a size that would completely fill a lobby space, or obstruct a facility entrance, or creates high noise levels- PLEASE move to a location (even outside) that keeps other guests from accessing their condos/rooms in any way, or disrupts other guests!

Snow Mountain Ranch Meals

  • All guests staying in Snow Mountain Ranch lodges or cabins can purchase “all you can eat” meal plans for an additional price through the festival office.  Any meal can be purchased for the ENTIRE group through the festival at the below prices.  Not every meal has to be purchased.
    • Breakfast $10.50 + 4.2% tax
    • Lunch $12.50 + 4.2% tax
    • Dinner $15.50 + 4.2% tax
  • Meal Times
    • Breakfast………………6:30am-9:00am
    • Lunch………………….11:30am-1:00pm
    • Dinner…………………5:00pm-7:30pm

Grocery Stores for group meals in Cabins and Condos

  • If grocery shopping is needed for your group’s own meal preparations- please refer to the map “Map to Performance Site” or the lodging facility map.  These maps show the two large local grocery stores in the Winter Park area.  Free Ski Shuttle Buses will only provide transportation to the Safeway located in Fraser (just north of Winter Park).

Overnight Lodging Map 

If your group is staying overnight at the resort, but will be arriving at the resort to recreate, prior to the 4:00 pm earliest check-in time, you must arrive at the Vintage Hotel parking to meet our staff, for bus unload and parking.  Use this  map/instructions: Parking at the Winter Park Resort Map and Festival Staff 1st Meet Location at the Winter Park Resort Map

If your group is staying overnight at the Winter Park Resort, and has arranged with the festival to check-in the previous day, or before your 1st day of recreation, use this map/instructions: Charter Bus Arrival for Groups Staying Overnight at Winter Park Ski Resort