8.1 Medical Clinic located at the base the Winter Park Resort

  • The Denver Health East Grand Clinic is located at the base of the Winter Park Ski Resort in the light blue West Portal Station building.  The phone number is (970) 726-4299.  The medical clinic at Winter Park Resort is open from ski resort open time (8:30 am or 9:00 am) to 6:00 pm Mountain Time Zone.   
    • Services available at the Medical Clinic:
      • Full-service family practice
      • Designated Level IV trauma center
      • Orthopedics
      • Cardiopulmonary event management
      • Altitude illnesses
      • Ski-related injuries
      • Full-service x-ray
      • Lab services

8.2 Twenty Four hour ER at Middle Park Medical Center

Middle Park Medical Center, Granby

1000 Granby Park Drive South

Granby, CO

(970) 887-5800 clinic

(970) 887-5810 ER



  • Middle Park Medical Center is located on the east side of Hwy 40, about ½ mile south of Granby.  From Winter Park: Approximately 16 miles north on Hwy 40 toward Granby.  After passing City Market and McDonalds on your left, travel another mile and clinic will be on the right side of Hwy. 40.  This is about ½ mile before Granby

8.3 Medical Release/Information Forms

  • Directors usually bring Medical Release/Medical History/Emergency Contact information forms with the group for any medical emergencies.
    • Use the medical forms your school or district use. Bring with you for any emergencies during your travel, such as to/from Winter Park, and other times when away from the ski resort. 
    • With our WPSMF Online, each festival attendee registers within, we created a “medical information” and “emergency contact” section for your members to complete when registering. Any information submitted online will only be accessed by the Winter Park Resort Medical Clinic.  The information gathered will not be shared with any other medical facility, which could be used during your travel to/from Winter Park, or other medical centers used outside the resort’s clinic.  The online form does not require that every medical field be completed, just one emergency contact name and number.  So if you are relying on the online registration form to be your only source of your members, providing medical/emergency information to the resort’s medical clinic, you must instruct all attendees and the parents of minors to complete all fields! If you want to rely on what your members provided during their registration, there is no need to provide medical information forms to the resort’s medical clinic.  A director can provide copies of their own medical forms to the resort’s medical clinic to ensure all medical information is available to the clinic

8.4 Ski Resort Emergency Contact person and telephone

  • The group director should provide any AND all group leaders’ contact information to the resort’s Medical Clinic in the event that an injury should occur with any group member.
  • It is the responsibility of the director to make sure there is a way for themselves or another adult to be contacted by the MEDICAL CLINIC.  The festival only provides the contact numbers listed on your Trip Info report.  
  • While the primary attention concerning existing health conditions is aimed toward a group’s students, be sure your group’s adults have no serious health conditions that higher altitude, colder weather or skiing activities may severely affect. Higher elevations can accentuate existing health problems.  Any person should consult their physician if having respiratory or vascular illness before the trip.  Seek medical assistance if problems persist or worsen.