Differences in Show, Jazz, and Pop Choirs

Different regions of the nation can title choir types differently than others.   Regardless of what name a choir calls themselves, or what type of choir they call themselves, the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival simply wants to classify choirs correctly for the festival competition.

For festival purposes, non-concert choirs with the majority of their performance with choreography, will be classified as a Show Choir.  A Show Choir can have musical segments, or musical pieces with limited, or lacking choreography.  Choirs with significant choreography will compete against the same.

For festival purposes, non-concert choirs without choreography, or only a small amount of choreography (such as clapping, foot tapping, finger snapping, and/or stage placement movement) will be classified within our Jazz/Pop Choir classification.  These choirs may be A cappella, or have music accompaniment.  The music selections may be jazz, pop, or another non-concert genre.

Be sure the festival has classified your choir correctly.  Contact the festival prior to your festival trip with any questions concerning choral classifications.

Music Selections

Show/Jazz/Pop Choirs may perform any music you consider suitable for adjudication. Choose music selections benefiting your ensemble’s instruction/enthusiasm, and will also serve you well in the festival competition.  We hope you will consider selecting music with some style variety.  Music scores for non-concert choirs are not required for the adjudicators.

Performance Information

  • All choirs need to arrive at the performance site at least 15 minutes prior to their assigned warm–up time!  We hope you will plan to arrive even earlier.
  • A festival representative or site host will meet you in the parking lot and guide you to an assigned holding area. Buses will be directed to park after unloading students. It is recommended that performers’ personal belongings be left on the bus.
  • Your scheduled warm up time is the time slot 20 minutes prior to your scheduled performance time. No personal belongings, music, costumes, or instruments should be left in the warm-up area since it will be occupied by the choir.
  • Within the warm-up area, there will not be any previously requested equipment (risers, mics, percussion) other than a piano, and playback of your CD, or from a 1/8″ phone, tablet, or laptop headphone jack.
  • Within WPSMF Online, a director must complete the performance information and equipment requested for each choir on stage. Be sure to read what Equipment and Instruments can be provided if requested by the Final Payment due date, and notice what we do NOT provide!  If equipment is not requested as instructed, it might not be available for your use on stage.
  • You have a maximum of 18 minutes total on stage for stage entrance, equipment setup, sound check, performance, equipment disassemble and stage exit.
  • Please plan prior to your stage arrival where wired microphones and their stands should be placed, if using microphones.  We have up to 6 wired mics available, but if the same mic can be shared among singers, please consider it.
  • If a choir desires to have audio playback as accompaniment on stage,  the director will give playback instructions to the sound engineer.  If a director is willing, we would like to have them at the sound console at the back of the auditorium to operate their phone/tablet/laptop and volume adjustments.  It is also possible for the director to be on stage, plug in a 1/8 plug to their phone, tablet/laptop headphone jack, and control all playback from the podium.  Volume levels will be controlled by the sound engineer.
  • Please plan for the length of pieces to be played, so you will have adequate time for a sound check prior to announcements.  We encourage each director to step into the audience during your sound check.  Also, a sound check can also allow for adjustment toward soloist mic monitor levels if desired.
  • We are really confident about accompaniment and soloist volumes the judges want to hear.  Our audio control board is located next to the adjudicators for this very reason.  If a director, or another director, or a person with the group wants to have some influence toward sound levels during the performance, have them meet with the sound engineer prior to the performance.
  • Adjudicator critiques/ratings sheets, adjudication critique recordings, musical scores and performance recordings will be returned to the director at the Director’s Reception following the presentation of awards at the Award Ceremony. Special arrangements will be made for groups NOT attending the Award Ceremony to receive these items and awarded trophies (if determinable at that time) prior to their departure from Winter Park. It may be necessary to mail awarded trophies after the festival conclusion.