Music Selection

Colorguard/Winterguard and Dance/Drill Teams may perform anything suitable for adjudication. Each group is responsible for providing the music being performed with an acceptable media format such as IPod, laptop, MP3 player, or phone with a 1/8” output.

Performance Space

Typically, the festival will schedule these type of performances within the performance site’s gymnasium.  If any of these type of groups feel they could perform with a a smaller auditorium space, we would be happy to accommodate!  Please contact the festival to discuss.  If performances require more space than as provided on stage- any equipment being used should be padded to protect the gym floor.

The performance site gym is also used for other music group’s entrance into the performance site, and storage area for personal belongings and instrument cases.   Please follow the instructions of the site host for how and when to begin warm-up and performance in the gym.

Performance Information

  • All groups need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their assigned warm–up time.
  • A festival representative or site host will meet you in the parking lot and guide you to an assigned holding area. Buses will be directed to park after unloading students and equipment. It is recommended that performers’ personal belongings be left on the bus.
  • Directors should have their performing group’s music playback available during warm-up.
  • You have a maximum of 20 minutes total for equipment setup, sound check, performance, equipment disassemble and exit.
  • Within WPSMF Online, under the Performance Info tab, a director must complete the performance information for each ensemble. Within each ensemble’s tab, there are specific equipment requests to be checked. If audio playback is not requested, it might not be available for your perfromance
  • Adjudicator critiques/ratings sheets will be returned to the director at the Director’s Reception following the presentation of awards at the Award Ceremony. Special arrangements will be made for groups NOT attending the Award Ceremony to receive these items and awarded trophies (if determinable at that time) prior to their departure from Winter Park. It may be necessary to mail awarded trophies after the festival conclusion.