2.1 Performance Date and Time 

  • Your group’s performance site, address, date and time(s) are all listed within your group’s  TRIP INFO report at WPSMF Online (www.online.winterparkskimusicfestival.com).  Definitely print this report and bring to Winter Park with you for reference!

2.2 Performance Site Location, Travel Distances and Map 

  • Winter Park Ski- Music Festival utilizes two festival performance sites- Middle Park High School and East Grand Middle School.  Both performance sites are located in Granby, Colorado. The town of Granby is located approximately 18 miles from downtown Winter Park.  Granby is located 6 miles from Snow Mountain Ranch (for groups staying overnight at Snow Mountain Ranch).
  • When traveling from Winter Park to the performance site- please allow a minimum of 30 minutes travel time.  When traveling from Snow Mountain Ranch- please allow a minimum of 20 minutes travel time.  Please plan on arriving at your performance site a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your scheduled warm-up time.
  • A link to a MAP showing the performance site is included within the WPSMF Ski Locker page (www.winterparkskimusicfestival.com/skilocker).  Signs at the performance site will direct you to the appropriate group unloading area.  USE OUR MAP,  and not a bus driver’s GPS!  Other routes have steeper hills difficult to climb in a bus  or motor coach, and impossible if snow covered!

2.3 Arrival at the Performance Site

  • A festival representative or site host will meet you at the unloading area and will guide you to an assigned holding/storage area.  Buses will be directed to park after unloading students, equipment and/or instruments.
  • It is recommended that performers’ personal belongings and extra clothing be left on the bus.
  • Concert Bands, Orchestras and Instrumental Jazz Ensembles have the option to bring or not bring instrument cases into the performance site’s storage area.  Typically- cold or snowy weather is present, and removing instruments in this environment is undesirable, and not preferred by groups due to instrument sensitivity.
  • Late Arrivals to the Performance Site – A group’s late arrival will be accommodated as best as the festival staff can provide, as long as the subsequent performing groups’ schedules are not altered- and the schedule constraints as contracted with the performance site, and adjudicators, are not jeopardized.
  • In the event your performing group arrives late to the performance site:
    • You will be permitted to enter the warm-up if there is enough time for warm-up prior to being escorted to the performance stage to begin at your scheduled performance start time. Your warm-up time would obviously be shortened to meet your scheduled performance start time.
    • If your performing group’s scheduled start time has passed upon your arrival and scheduled performance time has not expired- a group may go directly to the stage and perform within the remaining amount of time. The late arrived performing group will stop performance when scheduled stage time has expired.
    • If arriving after your scheduled performance time slot- a time slot will be assigned that is available. However- some performance site schedules are full and may not allow for another ensemble to perform.
  • Please plan for worst case scenarios when constructing your trip itinerary- especially surrounding your travel to the performance site!
  • If you are unexpectedly running late on the day of your performance- please call any of the festival staff members to inform, so we can see what options may be available for you. (cell numbers listed on Emergency Contacts web page within WPSMF Ski Locker topics.
  • Performances are open to the general public.  Your group is welcome to listen to any performances of other performing groups within the festival.  However- directors should be aware of the amount of time remaining before their group’s scheduled warm-up time.  Entrance and exit of the performance area audience is not allowed during a group’s performance, even between musical selections.  Consider the distraction to another group’s performance and adjudicators if your entire group must exit between musical pieces in order to gather for your scheduled warm-up.

2.4 Performance Site Area for storage of Cases and Personal Belongings

  • Again- it is recommended that a performer’s personal belongings and extra clothing be left on the bus for security purposes.  However- there will be a storage area at the performance site to store these items if needed.  This storage area is being used by all other groups, and potentially vulnerable to security issues.  Each director should assign an adult to monitor the security of their group’s stored items while the group is in warm-up, performance, or anytime unattended by the group.  Instrument cases, clothing articles, music folders or personal belongings (not left in the storage area) cannot be left in the warm area since this space will be occupied by the following scheduled ensemble. If extra items are not left on the bus or in the storage area- performers should expect to carry them into both warm-up, and on the performance stage.

2.5 Performance Attire and Performance Site Clothes Changing areas

  • Winter Park Ski- Music Festival recognizes that most groups performing at the festival contest have traveled various distances prior to their arrival and will be skiing immediately before or after the group’s performances.  The festival further understands the inconvenience of traveling with concert uniforms, and the necessity to perhaps change clothes before and/or after performances.   Therefore- the type of group attire is not an adjudicated component of any ensemble’s performance!  Winter Park Ski-Music Festival adjudicators are specifically instructed on this topic prior to all festivals.  More importantly- stage presence, stage discipline, group vitality and performer posture & attentiveness are judged as the overall “presentation” of any group.   Historically- many performing ensembles have chosen to perform in concert attire- while many others have chosen a more casual- but uniform performance attire. Ensembles have even performed in their ski clothing.  An ensemble’s performance attire is at the personal discretion of the director.
  • There are clothes changing areas provided at the performance site for groups wishing to change clothes before or after their performance times.
  • These changing areas are two male/female sets of larger rest room facilities located in the main foyer and possibly another male/female set of restrooms in the gym. We recommend that you inform your accompanying adults to monitor the entrances if you want adult supervision of these areas for your students.

2.7 Adjudication Options

  • Three adjudicators will provide written and voice recorded (instrumental only) comments of your ensemble’s performance with constructive criticism and suggestions. All groups have two options for adjudication:
    • Compete:   This typical option is to perform and compete with similar school sized ensembles.  Divisional ratings and an ensemble’s ranking within their classification are determined by the judges.  All competing ensembles will receive divisional trophies. Trophies will also be awarded to the Best in Class and Runner up in Class for each performance type within their school enrollment classification.  Overall Grand Champion Trophies will be presented each festival week: Overall Outstanding Concert Band, Concert Choir, Orchestra, Show/Jazz Choir, and Instrumental Jazz Ensemble.
      • 2nd level (non- varsity) or 3rd level performing ensembles will compete in their own classification if greater than two are entered.
      • If there are less than two 2nd or 3rd level ensembles entered in a classification, the 2nd level or 3rd level ensembles may be assigned to compete in a smaller school size classification.
    • Non-Compete: The second option is to perform for comments only.  This option is for those ensembles seeking a non-competitive experience and working towards strengthening their performance skills.  No trophies will be awarded with this adjudication option.


2.8 Published Music and Copyright Laws

  • Concert instrumental and concert choral ensembles performing published music are required to provide 3 original print scores for the adjudicators.
  • Photocopied scores are not allowed unless accompanied by a letter from the publisher stating that the music is no longer in print or not available.  Please contact the festival office with any questions regarding this topic prior to traveling to Winter Park!
  • Judges prefer that the scores’ measures be numbered for easier reference to music critique.
  • Here’s an online article on copyrighted material, if you need additional details:  https://nafme.org/my-classroom/copyright/copyright-law-what-music-teachers-need-to-know/