A reception for all directors is held following the Awards Ceremony portion of the awards ceremony/street dance, while your students enjoy the remainder of the street dance.  The location is at the Winter Park Resort base, just right around the corner from the awards ceremony/street dance area, within the Private Lesson Center building, in front of the The Gondola lift.

At the conclusion of each Awards Ceremony, we will announce for directors to meet us at the Private Lesson Center, and will point to its location.  Following the awards ceremony, most groups are excited about the awards and trophies they received, and lots of group photographs are being made.  We understand your desire to be a part of your group’s enthusiasm, but also ask each director to please arrive at the Directors’ Reception no later than 10 minutes following the Awards Ceremony conclusion.

Each director is invited to attend.  Hot coffee, hot chocolate, and light desserts will be served, while enjoying fellowship with other attending directors.  This reception also gives the festival staff  a moment to speak to all directors regarding the festival week’s final information. During this reception, directors will receive their performing ensembles’ music packet containing musical scores, adjudication sheets and performance/adjudication recordings.

If there is any reason at least one  director from each group cannot attend the Director’s Reception, please send an adult representative to attend, picking up music scores, adjudication sheets and recordings.

As mentioned with the Awards Ceremony link, while directors are attending the Director’s Reception, please have all available attending chaperones present to watch over your students during the Street Dance.