Important Dates/Deadlines:

May – October 2018

  • A group’s Full Registration to attend the 2019 Winter Park Ski-Music Festival is the festival receiving a fully executed Registration Form AND Registration Deposit. However, a group must contact the festival first, to determine what lodging choices are available for the festival week the group wishes to attend.
  • If you have contacted the festival staff previously about attending the festival, and the festival staff is “holding”, or has “penciled in” a lodging choice for your group, for a specific festival week, your lodging reservation will not be solidified until both your fully executed Registration Form and Registration Deposit have been received by the festival office. Lodging choices are assigned “first come/first serve” with regards to the festival receiving a full registration.  A group may lose their desired lodging choice to another group, if full registration is not received as communicated by the group, lack of communication by the group, and/or the festival receives another group’s full registration for the same lodging choice first.
  • Groups that have requested specific lodging choices, full registrations are due by October 12th.  After October 12th, any unregistered lodging “holds” made previously, will require new planning with festival, if available afterwards.
  • Any group can still register for the WPSMF after October, subject to available lodging choices.
  • Establish a Trip Commitment Policy with your students and adults. If you are new to organizing a trip, or want to avoid some unwanted trip planning challenges, take a look at:  


December 2018

  • In December, the festival will provide instructions to each director and trip organizer for accessing and using WPSMF Online.
  • Using WPSMF Online, directors can begin inputting group members’ names, distribute each member’s login credentials, and ask trip members to begin registering online individually.
  • In December, (any date BEFORE your school holiday break begins), directors and/or trip organizers must complete an online Questionnaire containing: any revised attendance counts, travel dates, revised performing ensembles, optional meals desired, bus driver lodging, and very important lodging unit details. Lodging unit details consists of the number of male students, female students, male adults, female adults, and any other children that make up the total attendance count number, and how each of these persons will be assigned to lodging units.  You will need to have already determined how your adults plan to share lodging units or bedrooms with other adults, or students, before you complete the questionnaire.
  • After the festival receives a group’s completed Questionnaire in December, and the festival has input the group’s information, the festival will notify the director to view/print their 1st ½ Payment Billing Invoice from within WPSMF Online. If a group needs more than 2-6 weeks to request a check from their school district, processed, mailed, and received by festival by January 18th, the director will need to contact the festival anytime within November or December to request a manually created billing invoice to pay from!


Early to mid-January 2019

  • Highly suggested due date for every “trip attending” group member to have paid in full their entire trip cost! While the festival only requires a ½ payment by January 18th, having all group members paid in full by mid-January, allows the director to know exactly how many persons should be attending the festival, and with confidence, make any attendance changes and their ½ payment well before the January 18th deadline.

January 18, 2019

  • 1st ½ Payment Due Date! Payment must be received by Festival on or before this date to avoid late payment consequences/cancellations and charges.
  • Last day to change your Official 1st Payment Attendance Count. See our 2019 WPSMF Information “Attendance Counts” section.
  • Due date to have all trip members’ names input within WPSMF Online, and print and distribute each member’s login credentials, and instruct parents and adults to complete their, or their child’s individual online registration.


February 15, 2019

  • Final Payment Due Date! Payment must be received by Festival on or before this date to avoid late payment consequences/cancellations and charges.
  • Last date for any FINAL changes to a group’s Attendance Count. (decreases >10% of Official 1st Payment Attendance Count has penalties)
  • Last date to CONFIRM and make any CHANGES of any festival or trip data within the Trip Information Report, found within WPSMF Online.
  • Due date for all trip members (including adults and directors) attending the festival to submit their individual online registration without late penalty charges.
  • Due date for directors and trip organizers to submit their online Rooming List, and Performance & Equipment Request information, without a late penalty charge.


March 8, 2019

  • The last day to substitute a person with another person, without an additional $35 charge for obtaining travel protection plan coverage for a new substituted person.


Other “deadline” topics to think about!

  • to understand and follow what items, information and payments are expected to be provided to the festival, and their deadlines, as printed above within Important Topics/Dates/Deadlines, published within the WPSMF 2019 Festival Information, and within the WPSMF Ski Locker festival topics (right here). If you rely on your district’s accounts payable department, or school secretary for sending payments, you agree to request payment checks early enough for timely payment, and personally oversee payments being mailed.   Without a group’s payment being received on or before their payment due date, the festival may be forced to cancel a group’s arrangements/reservations (overnight lodging, resort ticketing, equipment rentals, lessons, performances, and travel protection).  Re-establishing the same or similar arrangements or reservations afterwards cannot be guaranteed, and may have additional cost to re-establish!
  • to consider implementing a Trip Commitment Policy with your traveling students and adults, establishing deadlines for: your members’ full commitment to attend & pay for the trip, member trip payments, and member individual online registrations, far enough in advance of the festival’s deadline dates, so you, the director can effectively meet all festival deadlines.
  • to input your trip members’ names, and print/distribute their login credentials after your school’s Christmas/New Year’s holiday break, and before January 18th. While this may seem very early to have your trip members begin registering, and with registering averaging 7 minutes to complete, some directors have still experienced registration delinquencies by giving their members as many as 3-4 weeks to complete.
  • to read and understand all the WPSMF Ski Locker festival topics , and your group’s WPSMF OnlineTrip Information Report” (available to view in January) by February 15, while revisions may still be made. Reading both should answer most of your trip questions, remind you of important trip topics, and give a better planned/less stressful/more successful festival experience!
  • to discuss all festival topics as a group, well before your trip, so no student or adult will attend uniformed! Sample topics include:  Clothing and Accessories, Ski Rules and Tips, Altitude Sickness, Recreation Choice descriptions, Lift Cards and Vouchers, Skiing vs. Snowboarding, and more.  These topics will also be available for each trip member to view when registering.