Welcome to the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival’s SKI LOCKER, a website containing all Winter Park Ski-Music Festival information, organized all within this one web page, and available for all music directors who are registered to attend the 2019 festival.

It would be useful to save this as a “favorite” web page for quick and easy access each time.  This web page should be shared with any adults that are also a part of your trip planning team.

WPSMF Information Documents you have already received when learning about the 2019 Winter Park Ski-Music Festival

If you have registered for the 2019 festival, you should have already viewed at least one of our Information Documents we provided to you via email, regular mail, or personally handed out at conventions.  There’s not really a need to re-visit these, but here they are to reference anything you may have seen previously.  The festival topics listed further below on this web page, will cover everything listed in these documents, and much, much more!

2019 WPSMF summary information with dates and prices  ( 8 pages)

2019 WPSMF Information  (20 pages with festival details) When you registered, you agreed to have read and understood everything in this document

WPSMF Registration (you have already done, and agreed to Registration Form Agreement) 

You may have gone to 2019 WPSMF Registration for instructions, and downloaded the 2019 Registration Form and 2019 Registration Form Agreement


WPSMF Online


is the web portal for you, your assistant directors, or any adult you gave “administrative privileges” to (when you input the names of your group after December).  Using the Username  and Password emailed, and mailed to you in early December 2018, on the WPSMF Online website, you can view any specific information the festival office has about your group’s festival attendance, including your Billing  Invoice (available after December Questionnaire completed), your Trip Information report (available in late January), Rooming List, Music Performance & Equipment Requested information, and administration of all your group’s individual personal registrations.

In early December, we will have emailed and regular mailed instructions for each director to access WPSMF Online, how to enter group member names, and how to print/distribute the Usernames and Passwords for each group member.  Click Here  to view those instructions again if needed.

WPSMF Start Gate


is the web page all your student and adult group members (and the parents of those members under 18 years of age) will begin for individual registration to attend the festival.  This web page includes several important topics every festival attendee should know before individually registering online, AND before attending the festival.  Once these topics have been reviewed, adults and parents of minor students will then be directed to WPSMF Online, to submit their personal enrollment information.  You do not need to give the actual  (www.winterparkskimusicfestival.com/startgate) web address to your adults and students!  If you follow the instructions correctly, of how to print & distribute each person’s username and password, the WPSMF Start Gate web address will already be printed on each piece of paper with all the instructions of how to register!   Click Here to view those instructions again if needed.

WPSMF Start Gate contains web links, your students and adults are instructed to read and understand,  with information about the following topics:

  • All details about each person’s Recreation Choices (important for them to know when choosing just one of the three recreation choices being offered)
  • Suggested Clothing and Accessories for recreation
  • Altitude Sickness
  • Ski and Snowboard Rules and Tips
  • Awards Ceremony and Street Dance (with parking map link)
  • Festival Shirts and Patches
  • Limited details surrounding our Travel Protection Plans (see below for FULL details directors should view)
  • Miscellaneous Resort Topics (ski lift cards, resort hours, meeting times, lessons, locker rentals, arriving at resort. resort meal vouchers)

No real need for a director to go to WPSMF Start Gate, since you are already on this WPSMF Ski Locker web page.  All of the same topics available to your students and adults on WPSMF Start Gate, are also listed below within “printable topics” with the red web links.

Printable Festival Topics for directors/trip planners or any adult involved with planning your trip

Below is a list of various festival topics, directors should reference, and read entirely, before attending the WPSMF.  Viewing these topics may reveal unknown information, and assist with a well planned trip.  Select the “PRINT” icon atop of each topic page, to have a hard copy during your trip.

2019 WPSMF Deadlines and Checklist   (the exact same as on the Registration Form Agreement you may already have)

Making your trip planning easier with a Travel Commitment Policy with your adults and students  (example included)

  1. Festival Charges, Payments, Attendance Counts, Cancellations and Refunds
  2. Music Performances and Performance Site Information
  3. Awards Ceremony/Street Dance  (same information provided to your students and adults when registering through WPSMF Start Gate)
    • Directors’ Reception following Awards Ceremony (while street dance continues for your students)
    • A map of the Awards/Street Dance/Directors Reception, and bus parking is located below in “maps”
  4.   Recreation Information  (all the below red links are the same information already provided to your students and adults when registering through Start Gate)  We still encourage you to print these topics, and discuss these with all attending members prior to attending the festival !
  5. Overnight Lodging Information
  6. Transportation Information including: discussions every group leader should have with their bus company or transportation provider (experience of drivers, weather travel in Winter Park, can a bus driver alter the trip itinerary, and Colorado’s mandatory tire chain laws).  Information about the local free ski shuttle service.  Information about hiring buses to the performance site (if needed)
  7.  Travel Protection Plan (already shared in WPSMF Start Gate with your students and adults)    Travel Protection Plan (director’s version)
  8. Medical Information
    • Altitude Sickness  (already shared in WPSMF Start Gate with your students and adults)
  9. Emergency Contact Information to have on your trip, and maybe leave a copy behind for your school officials or student’s parents to have?
  10. All Maps to print and definitely bring with you to Winter Park
  11. Festival related items directors must to bring to Winter Park
  12. Official WPSMF T-Shirts/Patches (already shared in WPSMF Start Gate with students and parents)


Call us at (866) 625-6821 if we can answer anything for you!