The Festival di Voce awards ceremony  begins at 7:05 pm with an organ prelude during seating.  The Dallas Baptist University’s “Chorale” under the direction of Dr. Stephen Holcomb will perform as well as a performance by the 2018 Festival Di Voce’s Grand Champion winner- Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy Chamber Singers under the direction of Joel Duarte.

Trophies will be awarded to the Best in Category winners for Mixed Choirs, Treble Choirs and Tenor/Bass Choirs, as selected by the adjudication panel.  * A Best in Category winner will not be selected and a trophy will not be awarded if less than three ensembles are registered within any category.

Trophies will be then awarded to the overall top five ensembles as selected by the adjudication panel, regardless of category.  Three ensembles will be awarded with an unranked Honorable Mention.  One ensemble will be awarded Overall Reserve Grand Champion.  One ensemble will be awarded Overall Grand Champion.

The awarded Overall Grand Champion of the festival will be asked to conclude the evening ceremonies (if present) with a selection of their performance.