Music Selection-Drumline /Indoor Percussion

Drum Line and Percussion Ensembles may perform any music you consider suitable for adjudication. Music scores for drum line and percussion ensembles are not required for the adjudicators but may be provided if desired.

Performance Information-Drumline /Indoor Percussion

  • All groups need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their assigned warm–up time.
  • A festival representative or site host will meet you in the parking lot and guide you to an assigned holding area. Buses will be directed to park after unloading students and equipment. It is recommended that performers’ personal belongings be left on the bus.
  • If the performance requires more space than available on stage- all equipment should be padded to protect the gym floor. The Winter Park Ski-Music Festival does NOT provide equipment for drum line or percussion ensembles unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • You have a maximum of 15 minutes total for equipment setup, performance, equipment disassemble and exit.
  • Drum Line and Percussion Ensembles will not have recordings of their performance.
  • Click here to see Equipment Provided by Winter Park Ski-Music Festival
  • Within WPSMF Online, under the Performance Info tab, a director must complete the performance information for each ensemble. Within each ensemble’s tab, there are specific equipment requests to be checked. If equipment is not checked online, it might not be available for you.
  • Adjudicator critiques/ratings sheets will be returned to the director at the Director’s Reception following the presentation of awards at the Award Ceremony. Special arrangements will be made for groups NOT attending the Award Ceremony to receive these items and awarded trophies (if determinable at that time) prior to their departure from Winter Park. It may be necessary to mail awarded trophies after the festival conclusion.