Thank you for wishing to join us for our 2018, 29th annual Winter Park Ski-Music Festival ! 


If you have not already contacted a WPSMF staff member about your lodging choice, festival week and expected attendance counts, please do so before sending a registration form and deposit!  (Contact us) Some lodging choices for specific festival weeks are now full and no longer available. 

If you have already reached out to us, and we penciled you in for a specific lodging choice, on a specific festival week, be sure and send your registration form and deposit well before October 13th.  If we haven’t forwarded your deposit by this date, we will have to re-reserve for you, if possible.   

Here’s how to register:

1) Please click the following two links, let the PDFs load on your browser, and print each of these.

Winter Park Ski-Music Festival 2018 Registration Form

Registration Form Agreement

2) Read and understand the Registration Form Agreement (two pages)  The agreement references our WPSMF 2018 Information document.  If you do not have this already, click here.

3) Complete the Registration Form along with signatures. Please call or email us before you complete with any changes to lodging choice, festival week, or substantial changes in attendance counts that you have previously communicated with us! The primary reason we ask you to complete the registration  form, is for us to confirm your expectations match what we have!

4) Return the Registration Form with your registration deposit via regular mail so we will receive as quickly as possible. Both our mailing address and the amount of your deposit (based on your lodging choice) are located on the Registration Form. If you can, please mail your completed Registration Form and deposit check in the same envelope. If you completely rely on your accounts payable department, or front desk secretaries to mail your Registration Form and deposit, please make certain that you know these have been mailed. Your lodging reservation could depend on it!

After we receive both of these, we will compare your information with ours to make sure everything is the same, and your registration will be complete. We will then forward your deposit to our lodging providers, to ensure your lodging reservation has been formally established.

The Registration Form is the only the paper form we will ask you to mail. Your payment checks will be the only other items requiring regular mail hereafter. All other trip details and information can be shared via email and/or through our WPSMF Online web portal available to you in December.

If you need anything from us to assist you (such a registration deposit invoice), just ask! Contact us 

Thank you! We appreciate your decision to join us this year and look forward to working with you in the upcoming months. Always feel free to call or email with any questions you may have about any festival topic..