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  1. Performance Site
  2.  Bus Parking Instructions for Awards Ceremony & Street Dance
  3.  Ski/Snowboard Rental Locations
  4. Festival Staff Meeting location at Black and White Checkered Flag for Ticketing, possibly Equipment Rentals, and/or Beginner Lessons at Winter Park Ski Resort
  5.  Overnight Lodging Locations Map
  6.  Charter Bus Parking at North Bench Parking at Winter Park Ski Resort (groups not lodging at ski resort, or not checking into resort lodging until later that day)
  7.  Charter Bus Arrival for Groups Staying Overnight at Winter Park Ski Resort (if applicable)
  8. Ski Shuttle web site with route map and schedules   This is a link to the ski shuttle service’s website, which does not have a quality map to print.  On this map, let us shortcut you with the following information:
    • Every shuttle route color, except green, runs between the Winter Park Resort shuttle bus pickup/drop off area, and the Town of Winter Park.  Each shuttle route may have different final destinations, but will stop at a shuttle stop somewhere in town and the resort. This maybe useful for groups staying overnight at the resort, and using ski shuttles to get to the Awards Ceremony/Street Dance.
    • On the shuttle website, a person can scroll down and see a link for each route’s scheduled stop times.  The ski shuttle now has a regional route running between Winter Park and Granby (where the performance site is located) a few times each day.  In our festival information, we state a performing group without their own transportation, should hire private coaches between the performance site and their lodging.  Please do not rely, or plan for your group’s travel to and from the performance site on this one operating shuttle bus!  Contact us for hiring private coaches.
    • On the shuttle website, a person can scroll down and see links for each route’s scheduled stop times.  In our opinion, this should only concern groups staying at Beaver Village condos, and what times yellow shuttle will stop in Beaver Village cul-de-sacs.  The schedule states building 5-9 only.  The yellow route will pick up at all three upper cul-de-sacs, not just 5-9.