Thanks for coming to this web page to provide your Festival di Voce adjudication information and equipment request.

Use the online form below.  Be sure and select SUBMIT at the bottom when competed. If you have more than one choir competing at Festival di Voce, you will need to complete and submit the below form for each choir.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (866) 625-6821.  Thanks!

  • This online form is for scheduled choirs registered with the 2017 Festival di Voce. Please refer to the Festival Information and Billing Invoice we emailed to you as a guide! If you have more than one scheduled ensemble- be sure to complete/submit this form for EACH ensemble! This form is due by your Final Payment due date.
  • Next, we ask you list the Musical Selections to be performed for printing of the festival programs, announcements, and adjudication sheets.

  • Equipment Request. Festival di Voce will provide 3 step choral risers and grand piano (with bench) in both warm-up and stage. The Pilgrim Chapel organ will available if requested, for performance only.