2018 Winter Park Ski-Music Festival (WPSMF) Q&A            

created specifically for any director just looking at, or considering to attend the WPSMF, taking only 5 minutes to read.

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Who attends?  The WPSMF is for any school music group, most often, any type of band, choir, or orchestra.  This includes any of their smaller ensembles, groups with a specific instrumentation, dance/drill teams, or even a mix of voice and instrumentation with a specific musical genre.

Concert BandsMixed Concert
Color Guards
Full & String
Concert Choirs
Winter Guard
Jazz BandsMens/Tenor/Bass
Concert Choirs
Jazz OrchestrasMadrigal ChoirsDance Teams
Guitar EnsemblesShow ChoirsDrill Teams
Percussion Ensembles
& Drumlines
Pop/Jazz Choirs
Piano Ensembles

What does a music group do at the WPSMF?  A music group attending the WPSMF will stay 2-4 nights, performs when scheduled during their stay, and recreates at the Winter Park Resort as much as they desire during their trip.  Every lodging facility has unique amenities, (ex. pool, hot tub, and/or rec center) that can also be enjoyed by students and adults when not at the ski resort.  Each festival week is concluded with an exciting Awards Ceremony/ Street Dance for all music groups attending that week.  

Describe Winter Park. Winter Park, Colorado is located 67 miles northwest of Denver, within the Rocky Mountains,  The town, and the base of the Winter Park Resort are located in a high valley, just below the breathtaking Continental Divide.  Winter Park is a gorgeous geographical trip destination, with plenty of mountain recreation for your students and adults to enjoy. Every group member can choose one of our three recreation choices we include with every festival package.  Most group members will elect to ski, the worlds #1 winter recreation, and enjoyed by over ten million people, of all ages, in the U.S. each year.

The Winter Park Resort has over 3,000 acres of ski terrain and 21 ski lifts to deliver skiers to 143 different ski trails, with varying terrain and skill levels.  Easiest level trails can be accessed from 75% of all lifts. Our festival dates during March and April are high volume snow months, with much milder temperatures- offering more comfortable temperatures for spring snow skiing.  The Winter Park Resort was created 77 years ago, because it’s location always has plenty of snow for skiing through its scheduled “end of season”, well after our festival dates.

I have received WPSMF information with different Festival Packages listed.  What are these?  If a group decides to attend, or is only seeking a cost estimate to attend, the music director would choose one festival package for the entire music group. The differences in festival packages are simply the number of nights stay (2-4 nights), and where the group wants to stay overnight (6 different lodging choices). Not within this Q&A, but within our summary information, we provide some details about each of the lodging choices.  If any help is needed to decide which lodging choice would be best, even when determining an approximate cost, call us and ask!  We know the right questions to ask, and can suggest the best for your group and your trip budget.  

2, 3, or 4 nights?  If a music group can plan both their arrival, and departure times correctly, a group staying 2 nights could have up to 3 full ski days.  Or a group staying 3-4 nights could have up to 4 full ski days.  We mention this because we include up to 4 ski days for each group’s skiing & snowboarding members, regardless of the number of nights a group stays.  If  a group plans their trip itinerary correctly, this will maximize the number of ski days available to your members.  When thinking about how many nights, our April festival week’s performances are held on Thursdays, Fridays, and possibly Saturday mornings.  The awards ceremony and street dance is on Saturday evening.  Many groups depart on Saturday evening, immediately following the awards/street dance, to reduce their number of nights stay.  We can help suggest a sample itinerary best for your group.    

What recreation is provided for all my students and adults?  The festival will provide to every group member, one of our three recreation choices:  Skiing, Snowboarding, or Non-ski activities.  All persons within a group choosing to either ski or snowboard, receive a 4 day lift card, equipment rentals for up to 4 days, and a beginner lesson.  Beginner ski lessons will have your students skiing with all their skiing friends, immediately following the lesson.  With many groups, there may be members not interested in skiing or snowboarding.  For those members, we include substitute non-ski activities, in lieu of skiing.  These activities include downhill tubing, scenic chairlift rides, snowcat tours, snowshoe tours, and more.

What are the prices associated with each festival package? Within our summary information, or within some of our marketing information, there is a price corresponding to each different festival package offered.  This amount is charged for each “charged” person within a group.  The reason not every member is charged, is because we offer a complimentary director package to any group with 20 or more students.  Plus, a complimentary adult festival package for every 20 students.  Every person within a music group (whether complimentary, or being charged) receives the following:

  • their overnight lodging space for each night the package offers,
  • one of the three recreation choices (skiing, snowboarding or non-ski activities),
  • a travel/medical protection policy purchased on their behalf,
  • and participation in all the festival events.

What’s not included in the festival package?  The two biggest cost items our festival packages do not include, are your transportation to and from Winter Park, and meals, since these are unique with every group. If you are considering the WPSMF, and would like an approximate cost for transportation to/from Winter Park, chances are we could share with you what other groups from your area have paid, so you don’t have to invest too much time researching an estimate.  And for meal costs, we can share a lot of info about meal costs in Winter Park.  Most of our lodging choices have kitchens in the condos or cabins, for the 85% of our groups who desire to save big amounts on meal costs, by preparing some or all of their own meals at their lodging.  All other optional, or potential costs are fully described in our more detailed information. 

Tell me more about the Music Competition/Awards Ceremony.  The music competition is held within the Winter Park area local high school, about 20 miles from the ski resort.  For our typical festival weeks, performances are on Thursdays and Fridays, and possibly Saturday mornings. Each ensemble (wishing to compete in their respective classification) is adjudicated by three judges, receives a digital recording of their onstage performance, and receives a divisional rating trophy.  These trophies, and any potential trophies they may receive (Runner-up in their class, Best in their class, or Overall Grand Champion), will be awarded at that week’s awards ceremony on Saturday evening.  For ensemble classifications, we group ensembles together based the ensemble type, their total school size, grades represented, and level of performing ensemble.  There is an entry fee charge for each performing ensemble described in our more detailed information, but usually $300 for your 1st ensemble, and $150 for any thereafter. Ensembles may choose to receive “comments only”, and not compete. The awards ceremony and street dance is an exciting evening your students will really enjoy!

If I am interested in attending, what should I do?  If a music group desires to attend the festival, even before they have all approvals, or money to deposit, they should contact the festival office at their earliest convenience, to request a desired lodging choice during the festival week they desire to attend.  There are a limited number lodging spaces with any lodging facility, and offered on a first come/first serve basis.  If the requested lodging choice is available, the festival will “pencil in” a group for a particular number of lodging spaces for the festival dates they plan to attend.  Doing this creates no financial obligation from a group, but simply holds the lodging spaces for them, before it fills with other groups also requesting it.

During September 2017, if we haven’t heard sooner from a group, we will reach out to ask if the trip is still being planned. If so, we will need to have them register, so we can establish thier lodging reservation by our due date in October, or we have to cancel what we penciled in, or make it available to another group desiring the same.  We understand if some groups need longer than October before registering, but a first choice of lodging could be full or unavailable later.  

If a music group chooses to register for the festival, full registration is comprised of a completed registration form, and a registration deposit.  The registration deposit amount (ranging from $500-$1,500) depends on the group’s selected lodging choice .  This non-refundable registration deposit is 100% applied toward a group’s total festival charges.  In December 2017, each group will be asked to revise their expected attendance numbers, and provide more information about their travel schedule, lodging assignments, and performing ensembles.  In January 2018, a group must pay ½ of their total festival charges, and adjust their “1st payment attendance count”.  In February, a group must finalize their attendance count, pay the remaining ½ of total festival charges, have all their group members register online, and complete online performance information, and online rooming lists.

Will my students enjoy a ski trip?  We really think so, because so many directors tell us their students LOVE this trip.  Most of our attending music groups are repeat customers, with the WPSMF on their  every 1-4 year trip rotation. Why?  Directors tell us Winter Park is their students’ most requested trip destination because of the amount of fun they have when compared to other trips. Yes, even the big theme parks.  Directors also say it’s easy to accommodate their students’ request, because the WPSMF is much more affordable when compared to other trip destinations.  The only challenges we have attracting new groups are, some music directors have not skied before, and cannot share firsthand, how much fun it is.  And many students have not had the opportunity to ski before, typically because of its higher cost, and simply don’t know the thrill it will provide.  But if given the opportunity, they are hooked!  And our festival packages are priced at a fraction of the cost normally available to the skiing public, which could be a student’s only opportunity to ever ski again at this low cost. 

We offer a well organized festival, and will be with every director, every step of the way.  The same festival staff person a director plans their trip with the months prior, will be with them at every festival component.  We appreciate your reading this Q&A, and hope that you will consider the Winter Park Ski-Music Festival as a possible candidate for a future spring trip.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions not listed here!  Or, complete the below form, to have our complete 2018 WPSMF information emailed to you.

WPSMF toll free telephone number: 866-625-6821